Switching up hosting & serving this blog with Git, Jekyll, Travis-CI, and Firebase

So I am firing this blog back up now that I am no longer silenced by my employment. Since the blog will be mostly text based articles, I don’t think using a VPS is a good idea for hosting as it costs too much, and also unnecessary for a static site using Jekyll generated content. Another reason to switch from using GitHub Pages is the lack of https support, as I want my visitors to this blog to know that they can read it in confidence that nothing has changed in transit between the hosting and their browser of choice.

Jeep Mods

Mods that have been done to the Jeep. I list all items here, service work that has been done is also listed here as well with dates.

Unlocking Locked VM's in ESXi

So one of your virtual machines either won’t lock or got locked in ESXi and you need to fix it quickly? Well VMware’s KB can be pretty useful when it’s direct and to the point. However I found it difficult to figure out after a bit of digging around in my ESXi system. So I thought I would clarify this for everyone here. Often times you’ll probably see one of these errors:

Get Dell Service Tag & Express Service Code from Linux & Windows

This article is for the masses who support Dell hardware and have to reach out to Dell Support every now and then. This is an awesome trick for those times when you need to get in touch with Dell’s technical support or to get drivers and other documentation from Dell. The following methods are known to be good with Windows and Linux.